Fine Paints of Europe Helps You Incorporate The Satin and Gloss Trend in 2022

Fine Paints of Europe Helps You Incorporate The Satin and Gloss Trend in 2022
Coming up in 2022 is a trend we have been seeing for gorgeous home interiors. Mixing glossy finish with matte is the trend that will create an elevated feel to your living spaces. These pictures show real living spaces that have used the mix of Satin and Gloss finishes.

Scrubbable Paints For Active Homes

Eurolux is a remarkable coating, easily applied by homeowner or professional, and has been recognized as the perfect coating for an active lifestyle. Surfaces painted with Eurolux Matte are as scrubbable as gloss enamel and have the potential to yield ten to fifteen years of beauty, pleasure, and service. This makes this paint ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and children's rooms. Brushes and paints used for application are easily cleaned with detergent and warm water and may also be sprayed.

Hollandlac Brilliant 98 is a high performance, marine quality enamel, that provides maximum protection and depth of color. With its high sheen, HOLLANDLAC Brilliant 98 Gloss Enamel possesses a mirror-like luminescence which may be used subtly or dramatically to create focus, space and light.  It is easy to clean by washing and scrubbing if needed and then buff drying thoroughly to prevent water spots.
Fine Paints of Europe is the premier choice for interior paints. Chat with one of The Color House staff about creating these matte and glossy looks using Fine Paints of Europe into your home. Visit our locations in Middletown, Cranston, Wakefield, Smithfield, and North Kingstown or schedule a service appointment.

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