Fine Paints of Europe At The Color House

Fine Paints of Europe At The Color House
Fine Paints of Europe At The Color House

Since 1987, Fine Paints of Europe has offered the finest paints to our industry. Loved by homeowners, paint professionals, and the architectural and design community, these beautiful paints can be used throughout your home to deliver matte or glossy finishes as well as a luxury touch.

What Makes Fine Paints of Europe Different?

These quality Dutch paints are formulated to last and meet our client's expectations for years to come. Fine Paints of Europe adheres to the highest quality standards and The Color House is proud to be an authorized distributor.

Fine Paints of Europe is committed to reducing contaminats and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council®. All Eurolux paints and primers and all ECO paints and primers meet requirements for compliance with LEED® EQ credit 4.2: Low-emitting materials. The intent of this credit is to reduce the quantity of indoor air containments that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well-being of installers and occupants.

Fine Paints of Europe is the premier choice for interior paints. 
Chat with one of The Color House staff about incorporating Fine Paints of Europe into your home. Visit our locations in Middletown, Cranston, Wakefield, Smithfield, and North Kingstown or schedule a service appointment.

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