Peel & Stick Color Samples

Easy to Use Dry Color Samples

The perfect paint colour can transform your home. But finding the right colour? That's not easy.

With so many colour options, and no simple way to test them out in your own space, choosing a paint colour can quickly become expensive, stressful and messy. We believe it should be simple and enjoyable to pick your perfect paint colour. That's why we created Big Paint Chips: large peel-and-stick vinyl stickers hand-coated with real paint, so you can try out the true colour, texture and sheen right on your walls before you commit to an expensive painting project. With Big Paint Chips, you can forget about the mess and stress, and pick the perfect paint colour with 100% confidence.

Why We’re Different

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How it Works

Order your Big Paint Chips online. Choose the paint samples you want to try out and we'll ship them directly to your home within 48 hours.

Stick the paint sample to your wall. Peel off the backing and stick the removable and reposition able Big Paint Chips to your wall. Move them around, and experience the true colour, sheen and texture of the paint in your home. 

Pick the perfect colour. When you can see the true colour, sheen and texture of the paint on your wall, you'll be able to pick the perfect colour with 100% confidence.

Peel & Stick Colors

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