Temporary Wallpaper: Personality for Teens and Dorm Residents

Temporary Wallpaper: Personality for Teens and Dorm Residents

The Color House is a preferred local Rhode Island source for paint in North Kingstown, Smithfield, Wakefield, Cranston, and Middletown, but we are also your independent wallpaper destination! Our team works with clients to choose the ideal wallpaper and wall coverings. This time of year, we find that there is an interest in removable wallpaper for teens and those going away to college. Let’s take a look at this versatile option.

Dorm Residents

Dorm living can be a big change for some older teens. College life allows a certain amount of personality to shine through and living space is the place to express yourself! The only issues can be the small (often cramped) space available to roommates and also the institutional lighting in the rooms themselves. Dorm residents don’t have to stress over making a room their cozy oasis when they use removable wallpaper! The Color House can show options from Magnolia Home and  Rifle Paper Co. Add color...add pattern...add interest and express yourself! This type of wallpaper is perfect for making the usual beige or gray walls in dorms a thing of the past. 

For those moving into a private residence or apartment, removable wallpaper can also be an ideal option to avoid breaking terms of a lease or forfeiting a security deposit if changes to walls are not allowed.

Teens Who Want To Decorate

Almost every parent is faced with the request from a teen to re-decorate their rooms. With options like removable wallpaper, the stress of letting a child express themselves on their walls is lessened. Whether a teen wants to transform their room into a dark-walled study-cave or a neon-colored hangout space, your walls can return to whatever color they started out with. 

If you have questions or want to view our catalogs to see all of the options available to your young adult, the team at The Color House will be glad to help. Stop by one of our locations, visit thecolorhouse.com or contact us to make an appointment.


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