Superior Exterior Protection

Superior Exterior Protection
The Color House not only helps your interior spaces meet their beautiful potential, we also help your exterior spaces look their best. This is the optimal time of year to get your outside spaces looking great and also to protect them from the elements and insect damage. If this is a project that you are ready to check off of your to-do list, we have the product that will meet your needs. 

The Color House is a distributor of Q8 Log Oil, a superior product all-around. This unsurpassed and unique log oil works on decks, log homes, fences, and end cuts. Q8 Log Oil contains a broad-spectrum, EPA Certified wood preservative that protects against  mold, decay, and insect activity as well as offering water repellency. 

If you want to increase your wood’s durability and resistance to weathering and aging, Outlast Q8 is the product to choose. Water repellency will also be achieved and the product will not crack or peel-off. Investing the time it takes to apply this product ensures beauty and satisfaction for years to come. It is easy to apply with a pump sprayer and once the wood is saturated, the stain self-levels and any drips will blend away. Lap marks are non-existent. 

If your pressure-treated lumber has a warranty, using this product will ensure effective preservation and back-up rot control. Also, you will not have to worry about the warranty. Using Outlast Q8 will validate warranties on all pressure treated lumber including Outdoor and Wolmanized wood applications. Outlast Q8 Log Oil is American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) approved and specified in the M-4 Standard.

The Color House is proud to offer our clients this superior, all-around product. We carry 5 out of the 6 colors that Outlast makes. Come into any of the five Color House locations in Wakefield, North Kingstown, Smithfield, Middletown, or Cranston to experience our personalized service and preserve your exterior wood surfaces.


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