Our Warehouses Are Stocked With the Paint You Need

Our Warehouses Are Stocked With the Paint You Need
Whatever paints you need this season to make your house a home, The Color House is stocked and ready to deliver.

Don't despair over the supply chain disruptions that everyone is talking about. While these disruptions continue industry wide, The Color House works
 hard daily to help you keep your projects moving forward.

The Color House has multiple supply partners which allows us to provide professional quality options for all project needs.

Our contractor colleagues can trust us to fulfill orders and offer options of products, especially due to our inventory levels within our warehouse.
As a Rhode Island Independent Retailer, we work tirelessly for you and continue to communicate with our supply chain to make sure we have everything you need to get the job done!

As we move into the next cycle of supply chain issues, your communication with us will help us better serve your needs. Contact your store manager and lets us work with you to plan ahead, The Color House is determined to provide results, and we are committed to making it happen!

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