Mood Boards to Inspire from The Color House

Mood Boards to Inspire from The Color House
Fine Paints of Europe Bring Luxury Finishes to Your Home's Interior
The Color House has created these gorgeous mood boards that showcase Fine Paints of Europe in interior spaces. Whether the paint is used on ceilings, walls, or trim, the beauty of this durable and luxurious paint will add to any decor scheme.

Here are some ideas from Fine Paints of Europe:
Adding a luxury feel to your home’s interiors is easy with shades from Fine Paints of Europe. Offering  high-gloss, high-end finishes, these paints are the premier choice for walls, trimmings, and accents. This rose wall color anchors this room, while furnishings and rugs add to the warm feel.
A simple bookcase is invigorated with a high-gloss bold green color! The library is no longer a boring place, but a colorful and vibrant spot to study or chat. Holland LAC Brilliant 98 sets off classic blue and white vases while the Robert Allen upholstery fabric will add warmth to this classic decor scheme.
A mirror-like finish on the ceiling is a lux finish to this room with matte-finish walls. Soothing blues and whites in the rugs and accent pieces along with a touch of Thibault fabric lend a bright, cheery feel to a family living area. Draw the eye UP with Ceiling Custom Color HollandLAC 98 and for the walls add Custom Color Eurolux Flat.
A neutral room gets energy from glossy trims and the accessories make a comfortable spot to read and relax. Fine Paints of Europe is a wonderful choice for the discriminating homeowner to turn an ordinary room into something special.

Feeling inspired? The Color House offers Fine Paints of Europe Products at  our North Kingstown and Middletown locations. To schedule a home color consultation, please click here.

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