ALL HANDS ON DECK: Why September is the month to be layin’ stain

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Why September is the month to be layin’ stain

School buses are back on the road and the scent of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air. But that doesn’t mean a sudden halt to your outside projects. Just the opposite! Fall is actually the best season to tackle your deck staining project – and here’s why: 

  • While everyone knows not to stain on rainy days, you may not realize that staining in hot weather or direct sunlight causes the product to flash-dry on the surface before it has a chance to adhere, leading to unwanted blistering and peeling. Staining when the daytime temps and humidity are lower greatly increases your chance of long-lasting success. View our selection of Benjamin Moore Stains to get started today!

  • Wood can hold a lot of moisture. After being under a blanket of wintery snow, your deck needs a good amount of time to dry out in the springtime. By staining the deck in the fall instead, you’ll be staining wood with a lower moisture content. 

  • Get your staining job done this fall and come next spring, all you’ll need to do is rearrange the patio furniture and relax because all your work will be done. Sweet!

  • Aaaaannnnd the BEST REASON why this is the perfect time of year get your exterior staining done? All of our stains are on sale throughout September (it’s like we planned this or something)! Come in and get everything you need to get that deck ready for next year’s entertaining! Shop our Benjamin Moore stains today. 


If you’re simply too busy to get the job done before the leaves start to change, call in a professional. We’d be happy to help you find reliable, experienced contractor – starting  right here. 



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